“Maybe because we are part of nature, human beings have always maintained a deep connection with it. So that we can not live without relating to plants, animals and all living beings that house in the planet.”

“The skin is linked to the emotions and is a reflection of the internal aspect. Mamita creates organic products that take care of our skin, with the premise of achieving a balance between the inside and the outside of our body, trying to create a brotherhood, a real equality between all women, recovering the link that we all have with the earth.”

MAMITA BOTANICAL SKINCARE is a brand of natural cosmetics of proximity, made with the love and the sensitivity of those who loves what they do.

We make products that are faithful to the ethical principles with which they were created and with a clear transparent.

We elaborate products that are kept faithful to the ethical principles with those were created and with a transparent manifest.

The ingredients we use are a mixture of the experiences in Latin America, so we can find seeds like the Achiote, mixed with the traditional plants and flowers of the Mediterranean, which are carefully selected and collected manually to ensure freshness.

We support small local producers and use seasonal products. We produce handcrafted far from the factories, with all the attention and human delicacy.

All our products are natural, as far as possible organic, and grow in the Collserola National Park.

We use essential oils to achieve the aroma and macerated Vegetable Oils with flowers and seeds to reach the final color in the mixtures.
All our Vegetable Oils are of 1st cold pressure. We create small lots to guarantee the freshness of all of them.